Spiritual Development Tea Party

Host an evening of Spiritual Development with tea and cake.  A fun way to kick start and explore your journey to wellbeing.

spirituality with cakeThere is more than one way to incorporate a spiritual practice into your life.  A friendly and safe introduction to meditation,  Angels, spirit guides, divination, unconditional love, connecting with spirit and healing in the comfort of your own home, get some friends together, put the kettle on and host a Spiritual Development tea party.

A fun way investigate different aspects of spirituality and spiritual development and to learn skills that could help you manage depression, pain, deal with life’s challenges including anxiety and stress, exhaustion and irritability can decrease with regular spiritual practice, including meditation, and mental functioning can improve.

What happens:  I will talk you through the various aspects of incorporating spirituality into your life, the process, the different methods that you can try to quieten down your ‘mental monkeys’ in a lighthearted, fun way! Then we try different sorts of meditation, divination, healing and other aspects of spiritual life such as Angels together.

Options available are:
angel featherCoffee morning
angel feather
Afternoon tea
angel feather
Soirée (Evening)
angel feather
Corporate session – I will visit your place of work
angel feather
60, 90 or 180 minutes
angel feather
Minimum of 3 guests.

Tea Compulsory – cake optional!

 This is not linked or affiliated to any particular religion.  Everyone’s own beliefs and opinions belong to them and are respected.  This is a safe space to explore another part of life and its many lessons.

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