Reiki for Animals

You can find out more about Reiki Healing for animals and animal communication at Animal Healing Sussex.  

I treat all creatures great and small, from Hamsters to Huskies to Heavy horses.  Reiki is a gentle non invasive treatment that most animals are happy to receive.  Treatments are mostly hands on, but can be done hands off or even at a distance.  It is best to treat an animal in an environment where they are most settled and relaxed.  A treatment can last from 10 minutes to an hour the animal will decide when it has had enough.  All animals can be treated with Reiki.  Some of the problems that can be helped are pain, side effects of conventional treatment, stress and stress related dis-ease.

Often animals who do not let strangers near them will readily settle into a Reiki treatment, it is very rewarding to hear that big sigh as an animal relaxes into the treatment.

 I began treating animals when working as veterinary assistant, in fact is was a little cat called Button who set me on my Reiki journey. To find out more about Button click here.

If you live in East Sussex and would like to find out more about Reiki Treatments for an animal please get in touch.


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