meditation-changesOne to one help and guidance to see how meditation can improve your quality of life.

Sometimes attending a group setting when you are not in a good place in your life can seem a bit daunting.  I offer one to one sessions in Hailsham, East Sussex to teach you a meditation method that will work for you as this is not ‘a one size fits all’ practice.  In a safe and tranquil space you can learn to experience inner peace, tranquillity and oneness. However, it doesn’t end there, practising mindful meditation in your every day life can help overcome depression, manage pain, deal with life’s challenges including anxiety, stress,  exhaustion and irritability can decrease with regular sessions of meditation and mental functioning can improve. Mindfulness is simply about being present in each moment, when we achieve this all sorts of things can begin to happen to our lives. This is scientifically proven to change the structure of the brain and can even increase grey matter!

I also offer Holistic life coaching – this is not linked to any particular religion, but draws on ancient spiritual practices and belief systems to apply to the everyday trials of life.

Please contact Lesley for more information.




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