Relax in a safe and secure environment.

A Reiki treatment is, for most people, a wonderfully relaxing experience which can be done hands on or not if you prefer.

You remain fully clothed throughout and if you are comfortable to do so you can lay on a treatment couch, this is not essential, but most people find it beneficial.

There are set hand positions that practitioners use none of which compromise your modesty the energy will go where it is needed to.  There is both a scientific and a spiritual element to Reiki.  Click here for more information on the science. 

If you have any questions about treatments please get in touch.

Reiki Treatments can be carried out throughout East Sussex, I am based in Hailsham.  Please contact me to find out about treatment costs for you or your animals.

Here is what some of my lovely clients say:

“This lady is very, very gifted as a Reiki healer and brings with her a calmness that is compelling.  She is a very open and honest human being, who’s first thought is for others.  She is also very intuitive.  I really am blessed to count her as a special friend.  Mrs R. Heathfield

I have had Reiki before, but this was different – Wow!  Thank you Lesley. Ms O – Hailsham

This is a gift and I am very grateful for it – thank you, thank you, thank you xx Ms P – Uckfield

I got some gift vouchers for Christmas from my wife and have had the best experience with Lesley. I’m a different person because of the treatments and would recommend anyone not feeling quite right in themselves to give it a go.  Mr O’T Hailsham”





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