Spiritual Development Group

We will meet on the last Tuesday every month in Hailsham, East Sussex for an evening to  explore and expand your spiritual gifts. Expanding your consciousness can bring about a feeling of wellness and peace.  During the evenings we will work on meditation, and explore various topics related to Spirituality such as Angels, spirit guides,… Read More

Bringing Meditation to the Masses!

The benefits of meditation are becoming far more widely known.  However, many people think that you have to be a Guru, Yogi or some kind of serious spiritual practitioner in order to practice meditation and feel its benefits.  The benefits are wide reaching; having a regular meditation practice can help you sleep, reduce physical pain… Read More

Choose Happiness

I choose to stay at the top of my happiness ladder,  just for now! I started to write a blog about connecting to our spirit guides this morning, but then I needed to go to my local town to run some errands and I truly felt like I was in a parallel universe so now… Read More

Thinking Patterns in Life

If life seems to have it in for you read this!  I have been reading NLP (neuro linguistic programming) at Work by Sue Knight and came across this wonderful parable in the section about thought patterns.  It is so good it has to be shared! “One day a traveler was walking along a road on… Read More