Teaching Reiki – All Change!

I have been trialling what I thought was a new way of teaching Reiki this year and I have found that it is more beneficial for both student and teacher (me!) than an intensive 2 day workshop and therefore, have decided largely switch to this way of teaching Reiki.  Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki) … Read More

Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

Does hands on healing have a place in the modern world? The link between Mind, Body, Spirit and hands on healing was well understood in ancient civilisations, but as time has progressed, particularly in the Western world, we have lost our connection to it. Man has come to rely, almost exclusively, on Science which dismisses… Read More

Spiritual Development Find Your Path

Guidance to help you expand your spiritual development.  It is well recognised that having a spiritual belief and practice can help with the everyday challenges of life.  Learn how to find your own path and weave it into daily routine.  During sessions you will explore meditation,  Angels, spirit guides, divination using cards and runes, connecting with spirit… Read More