What to expect from a reading.

No two mediums work in exactly the same way so I will tell you a little bit about how the process works for me.

I use a set of divination cards.  The cards that I use are oracle cards as opposed to traditional tarot.  This enables me to focus on the psychic part of a reading.  The psychic reading can help you reflect on what is happening in your life, it can also help to give you guidance and get in touch with your inner most feelings.  This can be a very healing process.  It cannot predict if you are going to win the lottery!

Connecting to spirit can flow organically via a card reading or through a process of setting intention to do so.  This is not the sort of connection that one gets through a telephone or skype conversation it is done by merging my energy with theirs and conversations take place in a series of subtle whispers and thought forms.

The way I work is very down to earth, you will not find me in sparkly head gear and there is no special equipment.  These can help some people, but are not for me.

You do not need to be a believer to have a successful reading, however, it is vital that you have an open mind.  The energies that this process uses are very subtle and if the receiver is negative and closed down then this will affect the quality of the reading.

How does it work?  It is all about energy.  I blend my energy with the recipient of a reading and when working with passed love ones them also, communication comes from spirit, through spirit (me), to spirit (you).  This then enables me to see, feel and hear things that I use my intuition to pass on as guidance and messages.

What happens if bad spirits come through?  They can’t, the spirit world is not full of souls waiting to come and frighten us!  I also create a safe space with a high vibrational frequency so that only positive can come through.  Despite popular television programmes, there is no screaming, no possessions and no throwing of objects!  Just love.

Why can’t I do this?  It is something that everyone has within their grasp as we are all spirit having a human experience.  It just so happens that many workers such as myself have always had a connection with the spirit world, we are often empaths and most of us were labelled the ‘weird kid’ at school!

What happens if you tell me bad things? I won’t! As I said before all information is for the highest good of the recipient and comes from a place of love.

Why do you want to do that? It’s weird!  It is my life and my passion to bring about healing to people and animals through this work and the Reiki and animal communication that I do.  This can be such a healing process and it gives me great joy to be able to share it.

I want to connect with a particular person who passed away, can you do that?  Possibly, however, I have no control over who steps forward.  It is likely to be either the strongest character or someone who in life would have had something in common with me.





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