A medium is a person who is able to connect with loved ones who have passed away, they can be people or animals.  It is a loving bond that brings spirit through.  Sometimes though that bond may not have been vocalised in life a parent for example who has had a difficult relationship with their child may try to come through to put things right. 

When you come for a reading with a medium it is important to come with an open mind and no fixed expectations of who will contact you.  If you are focused on one person you brain will try to fit the information received for that person and when it can’t it can be frustrating.

I  offer mediumship readings and psychic readings using Oracle cards and Rune Stones.

This is something that is constantly evolving for every individual who practices it and whilst I have had an ability all of my life I now feel the time is right to share it with others.  However I am still learning and so for a limited time I will be offering readings either from my treatment room in East Sussex, via Skype or Facetime for a donation.

oracle cards
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When you come to me for a reading, the information given to me psychically and from spirit is for guidance only and not prediction based.

Through the reading I will guide you with the information given to me psychically and from spirit, but this will not be advice from myself.

During my readings, the information given is intended to empower you so you can take control of your own life, move forward with confidence, and in doing this you can turn to yourself for guidance.