animal healing

Monthly Healing Circle

From Wednesday 5th September 2018 and the first Wednesday of the month thereafter I will be holding an evening Healing Circle in Hailsham, East Sussex 7:30 – 9pm. People attend a Healing Circle for a variety of different reasons: Some because they are seeking healing for themselves, that could be Read more…

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Reiki 1 – 1st Degree Reiki Attunement

Shoden At Reiki Level one the emphasis is primarily on self healing. It also enables Reiki to be practiced on family, friends and familiy pet animals.  This is the foundation level for people who would like to progress further. The attunement process allows the recipient to begin to open up to Read more…

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animal communication

Animal Communication Workshop October

After the great success of their first joint workshop Animal Healing Sussex and Brightwater Reiki are once more joining forces for this exciting Animal Communication training event in Haslemere, Surrey 13th and 14th October  2018. This is a 2 day comprehensive Animal Communication workshop to develop participant’s skills, knowledge and behaviours to build effective, Read more…

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Healing and Teaching Groups

Reiki Share

This is an open Reiki share group, available to any type of Reiki, Usui, Angelic, Holy Fire, Karuna etc., from level 1 upwards.  Meet Reiki people and get to give and recieve Reiki. We meet in Hailsham on Monday evenings 7:30 – 9pm You will be required to provide your Reiki Read more…

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