animal communication

Aggressive Dogs

During my walks I encounter many dogs with their guardians who bark relentlessly at others as they pass by.  I have been meeting some of these dogs for months and even years and their guardians continue with the same daily routine that has made no difference to the behaviour to Read more…


Dog Training the Spiritual Way

Firstly, for those who are only just meeting me, let me explain that I have been working in dog training and behaviour since the early 1990’s and also Reiki and Animal Communication since 2001.  So before you think I am some kind of floaty, ‘dress your dog in angel wings Read more…


Animals Saying Thank You

I have recently had a spate of wild birds coming right up to me, these birds are all poorly in some way or another.  Some just look done in, some have injured legs, wings or eye problems.  I send them healing, say a little blessing for them and off they Read more…

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