Surviving Christmas with your Human – A dog’s Point of View

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Dear Humans,

Here is our christmas list to you – love from your dogs x

  • If you are going out visiting family and friends for a while please give us a walk and feed us before you go. Sometimes we get lonely, sad and bored and this makes us do certain things that our humans don’t like such as; barking, chewing things like the sofa, or sometimes we try to come and find you by attempting to knock the door down.
  • If you are going to leave us for a long time please could you arrange for a friend to come in, give us a cuddle and let us out for the loo. Just because we don’t pee on the carpet doesn’t mean that we are not uncomfortable and bursting!
  • If we have visitors to our home give us a place we can go and escape for peace and quiet if we need to.
  • If your visitors annoy you, please don’t take it out on us – it isn’t our fault.
  • If you leave tasty food lying around we are likely to do a taste test and if it tastes good we might just eat it all – bit like you with a nice glass of wine or some chocolate!
  • Some of the stuff you eat is poisonous to us – we don’t know the difference between toxic and safe.
  • Please don’t give us alcohol it is toxic and makes us feel ill.
  • Last one! We are family, we love you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Please do the same for us.

Enjoy your Christmas so that we can too. x


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