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I have been trialling what I thought was a new way of teaching Reiki this year and I have found that it is more beneficial for both student and teacher (me!) than an intensive 2 day workshop and therefore, have decided largely switch to this way of teaching Reiki.  Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki)  worked with his students for shorter time spans over an extended period.

All Reiki courses from now on will take place over a 6 week period for 2 hours per week allowing each student to take time to digest each segment of information and also begin to get to know and understand Reiki energy whilst still under tutelage.

Much of the work I do teaching Reiki is done on a one to one basis, this allows the teaching to be tailored to each individual and allows plenty of time for discussion.  This is particularly important at level 1 as the focus here is healing the self.  Everyone has different needs and therefore, I am not suggesting that my way is the best way, but merely another way that will benefit some people.  It also provides a degree of flexibility into the schedule.

All students receive a comprehensive manual and ongoing support in their Reiki journey.  An extra module is added for Animal Reiki.  Should a student wish to concentrate on Canine Reiki a module is also available as this is my specialism. I shall continue to facilitate weekend workshops for animal communication and healing.

Prices can be found here.  If you would like to find out more please get in touch.


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