I am passionate about helping people and animals transform their lives and make a real difference.  Working with healing modalities that are truly holistic bringing back wellness and balance to mind, body, spirit and emotions with Reiki, EFT, Meditation and working with dogs to overcome behaviours that people find a problem.

How I can help you or your pets:
*New for 2020
Mediumship readings
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*Trauma – Reiki & EFT are both therapies that        can help both humans and animals with this.
*Stress – bringing about calm and tranquillity using Reiki, EFT or meditation techniques.
*Physical pain – Reiki and EFT can assist the        body  to heal .
*Insomnia – The fatigue that comes with sleeplessness is very debilitating.  Calm the 3am mental monkeys!
*Helping dogs and their humans live in harmony together with my holistic approach to behavioural work and dog training.

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