Welcome to Natural Healing for Life.  I have 20 years experience as a healer and yet I am as in awe of it as much today as I was on day 1.
The work I do helps bring balance back to people and animals transforming their lives and can make a real difference.  Working with healing modalities that are truly holistic bringing back wellness and balance to mind, body, spirit and emotions with Reiki Healing, Animal communication, EFT and teaching Meditation.

I offer in person or remote appointments.

How I can help you or your pets:
*Trauma – Intuitive counselling, Reiki & EFT are  therapies that can help.
*Stress – bringing about calm and tranquillity using Intuitive Counselling, Reiki, EFT or meditation techniques.
*Physical pain – Reiki and EFT can assist the body  to heal .
*Insomnia – The fatigue that comes with sleeplessness is very debilitating.  Calm the 3am mental monkeys!
*Animal Communication – Listening, understanding and making a difference to our animal companions.

Intuitive counselling | Healing | Animal Communication | EFT
Healing for Animals