Welcome to Natural Healing for life.  I am passionate about Reiki and have found it to be more powerful than other energy healing techniques.  I have been privileged to witness how Reiki can transform the lives of people and animals who receive it .  Because of its ability to work on many levels it truly is the epitome of a holistic therapy.  Treatments help to bring back balance in a hectic world through this simple, gentle yet effective technique getting to work on mind, body and spirit and creating a healing environment.

Here you can find information about Reiki treatments  for people and animals, courses , spiritual development and meditation lessons in East Sussex. 

This energy healing technique is a wonderful complimentary therapy that works well alongside conventional therapies and can assist all manner of problems from emotional, physical and spiritual.  It is not a replacement for the conventional care of a Doctor or Veterinarian.

Lesley Collinson, Reiki Master / Teacher | find us on Reiki Pages